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Turbomachinery CFD Simulation

Realistic simulation expectations, real world operating conditions, and Multiphysics, or multi-disciplinary simulations, all make for challenging CFD simulation criteria. With stronger software, upgrade your production of applications such as impeller technology, hydraulic turbines, axial flow machine, and turbocharger technology for greater energy transfer in your various flow machines. Cadence® CFD solutions power your technology with intelligent, highly automated pre-processing solutions and fast solver speed for efficient design cycling.


Turbo 2

Turbomachinery Mesh Generation


  • Automate entire turbomachinery setup with Autogrid
  • Generate high-quality full-hexa block-structured meshes in minutes
  • 100M cells in 2 min on 16 cores!
  • Leverage flexibility to mesh multiple designs with the same setup
  • Automate the setup of many machine types with the Row Wizard
Turbo 5
Turbo 6

End-to-end Workflow

  • End-to-end workflow for Turbomachinery
  • From 1D Design up to CFD optimization
  • Seamlessly connect Concepts NREC with Cadence CFD software
Turbo 4
Turbo 3

Turbomachinery CFD Applications


Turbo 1

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