MAAT Hydro +

sistreSimFWD is now the distributor of MAAT Hydro +!
MAAT Hydro + is the first fully 3D hydrostatic calculator based on direct integration of water pressure fields on float faces.
MAAT Hydro +’s advanced new generation hydrostatic engines able to calculate the behaviour of any kind of floating object in any condition, making hydrostatic analysis easier, faster and extremely accurate whenever necessary.

Range of MAAT Hydro ++ functionalities:
Ship Modelling, 3D Real Time Visualization, Stability Criterion Scripting, Real Time Hydrostatic Analysis / Quasi Static Swell Motions, Real Time Mass Management, Floatation / SAC Analysis, Hydrostatics, Cross Curves, Max KGs, Floodable Lengths, Tank Capacities / Soundings, Transverse and Longitudinal Stability, Intact and Damage Stability (Deterministic, Probabilistic, Stockholm Agreement), Intermediate Flooding Stages, Longitudinal Strength, Lines Plan Generation, Grounding Calculations.



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