Naval Architect / Marine Designer

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Develop engineering and Ship Arrangement / Functional drawings
  • Perform updates of ship statutory drawings in AutoCAD
  • Create 3D surface models in Rhino (including ship’s hull and tank 3D models)
  • Track and manage incorporation of technical and administrative comments for drawings.
  • Perform surveys and verification of as-built drawings
  • Track comments and update documents and specifications.

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Candidate must have 3 years minimum experience in marine design and technical drafting with high proficiency in the use of AutoCAD.
  • Degree in Naval Architecture or Engineering Degree with demonstrated experience in the marine industry.
  • Candidate should be proficient with Rhino and be capable of surface modelling.
  • Candidate must have strong ability to multi-task and manage multiple project deadlines concurrently.
  • Candidate must be familiar with Class / Flag Plan Approval procedures and have experience from rules/regulations implementation.
Internship / Master Thesis

If you are a young and motivated Naval Architect with an eagerness to learn, we provide you with an opportunity to complete an Internship/ Master Thesis with us (duration of 3-6 months).

Click on the link below to apply and to send us your application documents.