caesesUpfront CAE Solutions for Designing Optimal Products – CAESES is the industry standard for the simulation-driven design of complex freeform surfaces. When designing components or products featuring performance critical shapes, such as turbo-machinery blades, ship hulls, or engine components…Read more

cafeCAFE is a very powerful user-oriented ship modelling software which reduces modelling time considerably. SimFWD is actively involved in support and development of CAFE in co-operation with BVB… Read more

numecaFINE / Marine, The Leading CFD Software for Naval Architects and Marine Engineers – FINE / Marine is a unique integrated CFD software environment for the simulation of mono-fluid and multi-fluid flows around any kind of ships, boats or yacht including various types of appendages. …Read more


MAAT Hydro + is the first fully 3D hydrostatic calculator based on direct integration of water pressure fields on float faces. MAAT Hydro +’s advanced new generation hydrostatic engines…. Read more

shipdbaseShipdBase contains information on different categories of ships available on the market. The data displayed in this database are as researched and obtained by Shipping & Management companies, Ship Brokers… Read more

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