Upfront CAE Solutions for Designing Optimal Products

CAESES is the industry standard for the simulation-driven design of complex freeform surfaces. When designing components or products featuring performance critical shapes, such as turbo-machinery blades, ship hulls, or engine components, CAESES is the ideal modeling, integration and automation framework for maximizing analysis throughput. CAESES is an “Upfront CAE” system that empowers engineers to achieve product designs that have the very best in class performance. CAESES breaks the rules of traditional product development and unleashes design innovation.



Connectivity to external tools

Free Download

If you are a new user, just download your CAESES® Free version from the given links below and register with your name and email address during the installation process. Trial versions run for 2 weeks, students and PhD students can receive a free non-commercial license.

CAESES 5.1 – 64bit Windows
Tested on Win7, Win10

CAESES 5.1 – 64bit Linux
Tested on Debian 10, CentOS 7.9 (comparable to RHEL7), Ubuntu 16.10

CAESES 4.4 – 32bit Windows
Tested on Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

CAESES 4.4 – 64bit Windows
Tested on Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10

CAESES 4.4 – 64bit Linux
Good results expected with Debian 7-9, Ubuntu 10.04, 12.04, Suse Enterprise 10.3+ (like SLES12), RedHat 5.4+ (like RHEL5, RHEL 6/7, SL 6/7, CentOS6/7). Please install a proprietary 3D GPU driver on your Linux distribution (OpenGL GLX extension required). In case you cannot see icons in your menu, please check this forum post for help. And, a running DBUS message bus is required, too.

For Linux, extract it (tar xf CAESES_4.4.X_Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2), change the working directory to the CAESES® folder and start with: ./CAESES
If you extracted the archive as root, you have to change the group permission, to the group your users are in (chgrp -R YOURGROUPNAME CAESES_4.4.X_Linux.x86_64).

For more information on CAESES please visit


SimFWD is the official reseller of CAE tools, which are widely used in the field of Ship Design. Software applications include Modelling, Design Optimization, Flow Analysis, Stability Analysis, etc.

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