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Ship Design

SimFWD provides to customers integrated ship design and engineering services in Maritime / Offshore and Shipbuilding projects of different types and size. Our range of services starts from the concept idea until the ship is put in service and continues through life-cycle service as maintenance, repair and conversion.

We have the ability to address the all steps of the design and engineering processes with high quality. Concept Design is the starting point of the project where we define main characteristics with the aid of state of the art software and statistical databases. Basic Design is then developed according to national and international rules and verified by advanced engineering analyses. Detailed Design comprises all engineering and construction documentation for the Shipyard. Finally, Engineering Management services include supervision, management, budgeting and operational works of the project assuring quality and schedule.

Conceptual design

Conceptual design phase includes a group of works and processes where all documentation that describes and guarantees the ship according to customer’s needs is generated.

ShipDesign n1
  • Initial Technical Specification
  • Preliminary Damage Stability
  • Lines plan & 3D Hull-form development
  • General Arrangement Plan
  • Preliminary Midship Section
  • Speed & Power Calculation
  • LightShip Estimation and Distribution
  • Hull-form Optimization
  • Capacity Plan
  • General 3D Model
  • Preliminary Intact Stability
Basic design

Basic design stage inherently contains the conceptual and contractual design phases. This is the most important stage in the ship design project. In the scope of basic design, SimFWD undertakes all necessary engineering work which comprise of arrangement of spaces and equipment, structural design, compartmentation and intact /damaged stability, exterior design and finally hull-form optimization for performance. Using wide experience on numerous ship design projects for different ship types of various sizes and state of the art software tools, SimFWD presents high quality basic design services to its customers.

Ship Hydrodynamic Analysis
  • Technical Specification
  • LightShip Calculation
  • Arrangement Plans
  • Structural Design Analysis
  • Midship Section Plan
  • Structural Scantling Plans
  • Large Scale Equipment Foundations
  • Welding Plans Booklet
  • Propulsion System Arrangement
  • Damage Stability Analysis
  • Electrical Load Calculation
  • Intact Stability & Long Strength Calculations
  • Fire, Safety and Insulation Plans
  • Piping Systems
  • Procurement (Maker) List
  • Access and escape Plans
  • Production Block Plan
  • Docking Plan
  • Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  • Final Capacity Plan
  • Speed & Power Calculation
  • Heating Load Calculation
  • Lines & Appendages Plan
  • Maneuvering Calculations
Detailed design

Preparation of production reports for painting area estimation, overall weights sand center of gravity information per ship’ blocks, bill of materials, costing estimation and 3D models enabling product lifecycle management capability through interactive dedicated software platforms. Detailed engineering services consist of two main categories Hull and Outfitting.

Ship Structural Analysis


  • Assembly Blocks
  • Hull Workshop Drawings
  • Nesting Drawings
  • Numerical Cutting (NC) Codes
  • Profile Production Sketches
  • Plate and Profile Bending
  • Material Lists etc.


  • Piping Systems
  • Heating
  • Ventilation & Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
  • Electric Cabling Systems
  • Fitting Equipment
  • Structural Foundations of Equipment
  • System Drawings (piping, HVAC, electrical cabling)
  • Workmanship Drawings
  • Arrangement and Coordination Plans
  • Additional Drawings Supporting the Production
  • Drawing of Parts
  • Material Lists
Final documentation services
  • Inclining Experiment & Draft Survey
  • SMPEP Manual
  • Sea Trials
  • In water Survey Manual
  • Sounding & Ullage Tables
  • Vapor Emission Control Manual
  • Intact Stability Calculations
  • Procedure & Arrangement Manual
  • Damage Stability Calculations
  • Prevention of Pollution by Garbage Manual
  • Tonnage Calculations
  • Prevention of Pollution by Oil (Bilge & Sludge) Manual
  • Stability & Longitudinal Strength Calculations
  • Prevention of Pollution by Oil Spillage & Leakage Manual
  • Capacity Plan
  • Prevention of Pollution by Ozone Depleting Substances and SOx Manual
  • Freeboard Calculations
  • Prevention of Pollution by Sewage and Waste Water Manual
  • Various Operational Booklets / Manuals / Drawings
  • Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment Manual
  • Safety instructions
  • Ship-to-Ship Transfer Manual
  • Fire Control Plan
  • Crude Oil Washing Manual
  • Life Saving Plan
  • Ship Structure Access Manual
  • Ballast Water Management Plan
  • Damage Control Plan
  • Cargo Securing Manual Garbage Management Plan
  • SEEMP and all relevant required booklet and drawings from Classification Societies, Flag Authorities and International Regulations.
Conversion & Repair Projects
Computer Aided Engineering

For lifecycle or operational needs SimFWD is experienced in conversion and retrofitting projects . We have undertaken various conversion and repair works relevant to altering the ship’s functions, dimensions, cargo carriage capacity, cargo gear, structural modifications to fulfill updated rules and regulations, installation of a new equipment and rule requirement based etc. SimFWD presents to the customers feasibility analysis of the work concerned and all necessary documentation of the conversion or repair Project up to the Class and Workshop documentation.

Engineering and Project Management

Further to Design and Engineering competences SimFWD also offers services dedicated project management, procurement consultancy, building supervision and feasibility analysis.

  • Project Management
  • Procurement Consultancy
  • Building Supervision
  • Feasibility Analysis
Advanced Engineering in Ship Design
Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

  • Global Ship Structure Strength Analysis
  • Local Structure Strength Analysis
  • Global Ship Vibration Analysis
  • Local Structure Vibration Analysis
  • Fluid Structure Interaction
  • Thermal Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Ship Resistance Calculation
  • Wake distribution on propeller plane
  • Free surface flow and friction resistance
  • Underwater and surface flow stream plots
  • Calculation of propeller’s kt, kq and cavitation
  • Virtual Self Propulsion test
  • Propeller – Hull Interaction
  • Flow in ventilation ducts and piping
  • Maneuvering calculations
  • Sea-keeping Analysis– RAO, Accelerations and Mooring Forces
  • Multi-Body Stability and Interaction

At SimFWD, we also address other key areas in the field of Ship Design, like Ship Structural Analysis & Ship Hydrodynamic Analysis and also provide assistance to our Clients in dealing with the new Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) regulation.