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Marine CFD Simulation

Cadence CFD simulation solutions offer dedicated, virtual naval architecture and marine design tools for unparalleled free surface modeling and scalable, highly automated optimization processes.

Solve and optimize propulsion, resistance, seakeeping, wind studies, and maneuvering in your designs through our dedicated workflows and team in place. Equip yourself with the utmost fidelity accuracy and efficiency with Cadence CFD solutions.


Marine 1

Unstructured Mesh Generation


Marine 3

Automated Workflows

  • Increase efficiency and reduce time to results with C-Wizard
  • Workflow automation for 9 applications
  • Automated simulation setup and meshing
  • Available through GUI or scriptable with python
Marine 5
Marine 4

Marine CFD Applications


Marine 6

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SimFWD is the official reseller of CAE tools, which are widely used in the field of Ship Design. Software applications include Modelling, Design Optimization, Flow Analysis, Stability Analysis, etc.

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