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SimFWD is the official distributor of CAFE in Greece. SimFWD is actively involved in support and development of CAFE in co-operation with BVB. CAFE is a very powerful user-oriented ship modelling software which reduces modelling time considerably. The following video demonstrates the various capabilities of CAFE:

Cafe basic version which provides full modelling capabilities is AVAILABLE FOR FREE! If you are interested please register here:

Kindly note that the demo version of the software can be used to generate maximum 2 different models and 1 model group per model.

Following are some of the modelling features in CAFE:

  • geometry can be imported from other CAD software
  • properties of plates along with realistic profiles are imported from MS Excel and can be expanded, modified or replaced by user
  • enhanced and simplified man-model interaction utilizes arbitrary inclined guiding planes that add, reshape, move or split any entity in a 3D model
  • quick generation and manipulation of complex surfaces suiting all Ship/Offshore structures
  • magnetic surface concept enables automatic surface reshaping to fit the shape of another neighbouring surface
  • internal structure along with the imported equipment can be visualized by walk-trough visualization capability
  • multi-user collaboration is supported in real-time
  • automatic generation of classification drawings at desired intersection planes and shell plating
  • quick assignment of Main bulkheads and Decks from surfaces and intersecting guides
  • fast creation of global, local and fine mesh FE models
  • calculation of Mass, CoG, Volumes, Lightweight Distribution, Hydrostatics, Shear Forces and Bending Moments
  • several types of structural loading are available, including wave loads utilized by Smith correction
  • FE models and hydrodnamic mesh can be transferred to external solver such as NASTRAN, FINNSAP, LS-DYNA and OOFEM

SimFWD  conducts software training for CAFE. The training course aims at enabling existing and prospective Users to exploit full potential of CAFE functionalities and significantly reduce modelling time.

List of topics covered during CAFE training

The CAFE training course can also be customized on request to suit the users needs.

Introduction to the CAFE Graphical User Interface

  • Overview of the various toolbars
  • View options available
  • Project Explorer & Data Table

Basic modelling operations

  • Creating a geometry
  • Working with Guides
  • Advanced geometry manipulation – (Splitting, Copying, Mirroring)
  • Defining Stiffened Panels and Beams
  • Creating openings

Interactive Modelling Example of simple and complex hull-form modelling

  • Meshing parameters
  • Re-meshing
  • Exporting meshes

Interactive modelling example of simple and complex Ship Structures

Basic curves and surfaces operations

  • Definition and manipulation of curves
  • Creation of loft surfaces
  • Creating loft surfaces based on imported hull lines
  • Projections and magnetic surfaces features
  • Creation of revolved surfaces

Interactive Modelling Example of meshing the created geometries

  • Basics of model analysis and post-processing in CAFE
  • Visualization of Model Parameters (Contour Plots)
  • Interactive demonstration of custom examples
  • Special course on rapid Conceptual Ship Design procedure

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SimFWD is the official reseller of CAE tools, which are widely used in the field of Ship Design. Software applications include Modelling, Design Optimization, Flow Analysis, Stability Analysis, etc.

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